Name of the Event


Date of the Event

22nd June 2023


Novotel, Vijayawada


Digi Connect Connecting Digital Leaders
Another inspiring event that took place at the NOVOTEL, VIJAYAWADA, where CtrlS Datacenters Ltd and Consumex orchestrated prodigious roundtable discussion DIGI CONNECT – CONNECTING DIGITAL LEADERS unfolded on 22nd of June!

Embarking on a thrilling journey, exploring how digital transformation empowered leaders to shape the future and unleash the boundless potential of emerging technologies. Together, we forged organizations that were not only efficient and effective but future-ready to conquer the challenges that lay ahead!

The captivating discussions delved deep into the pulsating world of data centers, igniting fervor around the hottest topics like Edge computing, Colocation, Hyperscale, hashtag#cloud , Connectivity, hashtag#Security, Sustainability, and Energy Efficiency. Esteemed industry thought hashtag#leaders graced the stage, sharing their invaluable insights that propelled us towards hashtag#innovation and hashtag#exponentialgrowth !