Name of the Event

Polestar | Qlik

Date of the Event

16th June 2023


JW Marriott, Pune


Unveiling Procurement Strategies for a Data – First World

An extraordinary roundtable discussion, hosted by Consumex in collaboration with Qlik and Polestar Solutions & Services at JW MARRIOTT, PUNE on 16th June. It was a gathering focused on the remarkable PROCUREMENT STRATEGIES FOR A DATA-FIRST WORLD!

Participants explored the empowering potential of data science, data ingestion, and modelling in making data-driven procurement decisions that unlocked new capabilities, cost-saving opportunities, and sustainable procurement business models. The atmosphere was electrifying!

Engaging discussions revolved around captivating topics such as the Unlocking Effective Strategies for a Data-First World and Setting up Procurement COEs. Attendees navigated common procurement challenges with futuristic tech, unveiling best practices in a complex landscape. The hands-on demonstrations of the cutting-edge Procurement Analytics Platform left everyone in awe!

Industry thought leaders shared invaluable insights into procurement strategies and the challenges faced by procurement leaders. Together, we delved deep into key metrics, addressing common challenges and staying ahead of the competition with our procurement experts. It was an enlightening experience!

This was an incredible opportunity to transform your procurement strategies in today’s data-driven world.