Name of the Event


Date of the Event

15th March 2023


ITC Gardenia, Bangalore


Smarter decisions for Fintechs – optimize risk, understand costs and maximize profit
The Fintech revolution in India has become a reality now. With the unprecedented opportunities that the financial technology sector offers, India is now exploding with Fintech startups, investors and innovators. Indian Fintech industry, the second largest in the world, has transformed the way payments are made. With increased government support, things are only heading for a better tomorrow. However, there are associated challenges too and there is move towards more regulations.

The financial services industry has embraced the opportunity. Across the globe, fintech companies are using data analytics to radically transform their organizations. And the gains they’re seeing are remarkable.

Qlik helps fintech organizations to make more competitive risk decisions, create first class customer experiences and solve a range of use cases from credit and market risk through to embedded analytics using open API’s. In this session, learn how Qlik can help Fintech organizations bring analytics to the front­line with its Active Intelligence Platform.